Frequently Asked Questions

QHow Long Will It Take To Groom My Dog?

ADepending on the service you choose, the type of breed your dog is, and the type of condition your pet’s coat is in, the grooming process usually takes 3-4 hours. Although some other places may tell you an hour or so, we believe that the grooming process should never be rushed and that each and ever pet should be handled with love, care and patience. At The Pink Poodle your dog’s services are handled by one person – thus allowing the pet to bond with that one groomer, and that all starts during the bathing process.

QMy Dog Is So Scared of Going To The Groomer. Do You Use Any Sedatives or Tranquilizers To Calm Dogs Down While Grooming?

AAbsolutely NOT! Not only is it against the law for us to administer any kind of drugs to pets, we do not personally believe in it. Our skilled and friendly groomers know how to handle each and every pet’s personality, even ones that become stressed in situations like this. Our motto is “less stress is the best” and as such, will provide a soothing and comfortable experience as possible for your pet.

QI Have Puppy. When Is It Safe To Start Grooming?

ANot only is it safe to groom a puppy, it is suggested to do so. This way the puppy can learn that grooming is a safe and happy experience. Once your puppy has received its second set of puppy shots, call to setup an appointment.

QCan Pregnant Dogs Be Groomed At The Pink Poodle?

AYes. The services we will provide would be a Nail Trim, Paw Maintenance, Sanitary Clip, Brushing, Teeth Brushing, and Ear Cleaning and Plucking.

QMy Dog Has Reoccurring Tear Stains. Although I Clean My Dog's Face Frequently, Nothing Seems To Get Rid Of Them. How Can I Treat and Eliminate Them?

ATear Stains are caused by a few contributing factors. First, a red yeast build up may be the culprit. The product that we carry in our boutique in particular that works wonders is Angels Eyes. As it is 100% safe for dogs and puppies, it does contain a mild antibiotic which eliminates excessive yeast. The Blueberry Facial Scrub that is offered in our Wags to Riches Package is basically utilizing a special formula designed for the facial area and incorporating a relaxing face massage for the dog. This special product also is formulated to help lighten tear stains on breeds with white or cream colored faces. However, it is nearly impossible to eliminate severe tear staining in one visit.

QMy Dog's Hair Gets Matted All The Time, Even After A Grooming Appointment. Although I Brush Frequently, How Can I Prevent This From Happening?

AAny dog that has long hair will require a full DAILY brushing, as like a human who has long hair. If you are experiencing any tangles, do not bath your dog and try using a conditioner at this time – this may cause the issue to get worse. If your dog is severely matted and you have been unable to get the matting out yourself, the best solution is to bring your pet to a dog grooming professional immediately for a coat and skin evaluation. In most cases, the best option at this point is to have your dog shaved or cut very short so that a new and healthy coat can grow in. Furthermore, it will also avoid any pain and discomfort your pet would experience trying to get the matting out manually.

QMy Dog Sheds All The Time. Even Though I Brush Frequently, I Have Hair All Over My Furniture & House. What Is Going On?

AThis all depends on your pet’s coat and breed. Many long haired dogs with thicker coats require daily brushing to reduce shedding. Should your pet’s shedding be a chronic problem and will be seen by us, please advise one of our groomers so that we can properly treat your pet with a special grooming procedure (Shaggy to Chic Package) that will reduce 60-80% of the amount of hair your pet will shed.

QDo Your Pet Stylists Accept Tips?

ATipping the Pet Stylists is optional but much appreciated by the Stylists.

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