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Aboite And About, February 18, 2011

Pink Poodle Offers Spa Services & Boutique

A baby rattle shaped like a pink poodle inspired the name of a local pet spa and boutique.

Adrianna Hensley, owner of the Pink Poodle, 6244 W. Jefferson Blvd., had worked full time as a groomer and manager of a local pet supply store. When she came back to work as a part-time groomer after her maternity leave, she decided it was time to open her own place. Daughter Isabella’s pink poodle rattle became its namesake.

The Pink Poodle has been open for 2½ years in Covington Plaza near the Black Dog Pub.

The bathing area features a stainless steel tub accessible by two steps, which makes it easier for dogs to climb into it. Room-temperature air is circulated through plastic hoses to the large holding kennels.

The grooming area features hydraulic tables and a large window through which clients can watch the process.

“It lets clients see how their pets are doing,” Hensley said. “They wonder what goes on behind closed doors.”

The retail area offers pet-pampering products of every size, shape and color.

“We offer different, more unique things than most pet stores,” Hensley said. “We try to bring in cute and different stuff you don’t find everywhere.”

Hensley can special-order products for clients who see a particular product online. The Pink Poodle also carries many products that are manufactured locally, such as Ella Barella leashes and collars, and private-label pet treats made by Gracie’s Bark Avenue.

“We try to support people here locally,” said Hensley.

Shortly after opening, one of her longtime clients asked Hensley to groom her Yorkshire terrier for a photography shoot for Naples (Fla.) Dog magazine. The Yorkie appeared on the cover of the September 2008 issue. “We have copies of the magazine in the shop and it has been a huge claim to fame for us at The Pink Poodle,” Hensley said.

The Pink Poodle sponsors Yappy Hour parties throughout the year. These two-hour social events feature things like a free photo session or a Halloween costume party, complete with treats (for both pets and clients), games (dog treat stacking or bobbing for hot dogs) and in-store specials.

Yappy Hour events are usually fundraisers, Hensley said, with proceeds going to pet-related organizations like Hope for Animals, which recently opened a free spay and neuter clinic in Fort Wayne.

Hensley, along with three other full-time groomers and a part-time bather, offer years of grooming experience. Spa services include bathing, grooming, ear cleaning, nail trimming and a variety of specialty packages like the Barking Baby Treatment for young puppies, Best in Show, Smell-u-Later (with de-skunking shampoo), Shaggy to Chic and Wags to Riches, which features a blueberry facial scrub to help eliminate tear stains. Walk-in services include nail and ear care and face trims.

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