Pet Boutique

Pet Boutique

Perfect Pet Accessories at The Pink Poodle

The Pink Poodle of Fort Wayne not only provides excellent pet grooming service and the full pet spa treatment, but we also have a fully-stocked pet boutique filled with both practical and guilty pleasures for your dogs and cats.

The Pink Poodle makes sure your dog looks its best 24/7 with everything a pampered dog could bark for in the pet boutique. While your dog enjoys the delights of our pet spa, you can browse our boutique. You’ll find the finest selection of doggie beds and carriers; collars, leashes and harnesses; bowls and feeders, and of course all the most fashionable duds for Fort Wayne’s well-dressed dog. Oh, and if your pet needs to go incognito, check out the fabulous selection of dog sunglasses at The Pink Poodle.

The pet boutique at The Pink Poodle Pet Spa also caters to your dog’s more practical needs. We have a section devoted to your dog’s health and beauty necessities. You’ll also find waste removal accessories as well.

And when your pup is feeling playful, we have a delightful selection of pet toys. And don’t forget the treats! The Pink Poodle have a taste-tempting assortment of treats and cakes that will make your dog woof with joy.

There’s lots of great stuff for our cat friends, too. Fort Wayne felines are all over the treats and toys from The Pink Poodle. You can indulge your cat with catnip-filled cigars and bananas, and if you really want to hear them purr, try some Kitty Kaviar, a flaky fish treat your cat will love, or Pawbreakers, the catnip candy for cats!

For playtime, we feature Rockin’ Mice – mice that teeter and roll back and forth at the bat of a paw. Rockin Mice and the multitude of other playthings available in our cat toy department will always keep your kitty bright-eyed and happy.

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